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Painting Kit Includes:

•  14" by 11" Wood Pallet Board

•  Pre-Cut Vinyl Stencil

•  Acrylic Paints

•  Paint Brushes

•  How-To Instructions

•  Hanging Hardware

Painting with a Stencil

These days it’s hard to miss the funny, inspiring, and sentimental painted wood signs that are popping up in shops around the globe. 

They are more then words on a sign, they are funny quips, sentimental reminders of life, words in art.  Our mission as a crafting kit company is to continue evolving and creating unique and novel craft kits for our customers, friends and the crafting community. 

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Quality Craft Kit Materials

Attention to detail and the quality of the products we use is our signature move.  We started by precisely designing the wooden pallets to the 11” by 14” size in order to make the signs easy to display.  Each wooden board is constructed with three panels, braced in the back and sanded for easy smooth painting.  The acrylic paint colors are vibrant and eye-catching, making each sign a piece of art in words.  The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and guide you through the proper stencil placement on the board, with details on how to paint over the stencil and how to remove the stencil for a perfect painted wood sign. 

Craftinesss is Happiness!

Your wood pallet sign is ready to display. Whether you think it’ll go best in your kitchen or bedroom, office or hallway, the opportunities are endless! And your painted sign makes a great gift too.  Be sure to share your pictures with us, we’d love to see your progress and masterpieces! GET CRAFTY AND PAINT ON!

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