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About Us


Maybe it all started with the turkey I drew in Kindergarten. After winning the annual turkey art drawing contest my teacher, pinning the 1st place ribbon on my shirt, remarked to my parents that it was the most detailed turkey she had ever seen a five year old draw. Then one summer in my teens I decided to create mini replica auto part key chains and sell them on eBay.  Ahhh, my entrepreneurial side was coming alive, but somehow the key chain idea did not quite take off (go figure).  But alas, I wasn’t seeking a career in art and business so I studied and excelled at math and science in high school.  College took me the way of history and political science and then finally a doctorate degree in the law. 

But creating art never left me.  I dabbled in mosaics, drawing, abstract mixed media, beading and string art.  I created my first art kit company in 2015 at the age of 27.  Within a short time my DIY string art kits were featured on Buzzfeed, trending on Etsy and Pinterest, found in craft magazines such as Country Living, and satisfying a lot of crafters.  My designs were admired by the CEO of Primitives by Kathy and we collaborated to sell some of my string art designs to her thousands of customers nationally and internationally. 

There was no way I’d stop at only working with string, nails and wood, so I spent long periods exploring new ideas to expand the DIY craft kits that thousands have come to love.  I found quality products, from the wood to the paints, that I could bring to my customers, old and new, to create the bright, witty new wood pallet stencil designs of Paint Outside the Box. Wood is a wonderful medium to work with, always a favorite among crafters and a beautiful accessory for home or office. With all the word art that has become so popular I knew that crafters would enjoy creating their own art on wood with words that expressed their ideas, wit or emotion. 

My advice, for what it’s worth, follow your dreams, study hard along the way and get your craft on.