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Learn About Paint Outside The Box

The idea behind the creation of Paint Outside The Box came while searching for new designs for our string art company.  In that pursuit I came across witty and clever sayings that were just too long for string art.  I wanted to use these fun word art designs in a new project and instantly knew that word art wood signs were easy to make with stencils and I created another DIY craft kit. 

Some may ask, “why do-it-yourself when I can buy the wood and the paint and the brushes and the stencil myself?”  But honestly, can you?  Do you have the time to source the wood, the paint, the designs, the stencils?  Paint Outside The Box has sourced all the materials for you without any effort on your part.

We have found wood boards from State? that are just the right size to paint and display.  The boards are made of quality wood pallets, the pallets add an earthy feel to the finished product.  Each wooden pallet board is sanded to the perfect smoothness (that’s right- you don’t have to sand it) to facilitate the paint being applied effortlessly and that there will be no bumps and blemishes on the finished product.

The stencil is provided in the kit with easy instructions on how to attach to the wood for prepping before painting.  You don’t need to buy an expensive cricut machine to design and create a stencil, all that work has been done for you.  The stencil will perfectly fit the size wood that’s included in the kit, so there’s no need to hope that the stencil you created actually fits on the wood your purchased.  Once again we have sourced the stencil and design for you.

Not all paints are the same.  So how do you know which paint to purchase?  We take the guessing out of it.  We provide great quality paints in bright colors that compliment the project you have chosen.  The exact amount of paint needed is also provided so you don’t get stuck spending money on paints that will sit in your garage for years.  There’s no waste in our kits, you get the precise amount of paint for the design you’ve chosen, and the right consistency and quality for each wood pallet and design.

Don’t forget the paint brushes.  Each kit comes with new brushes so you don’t have to use your old paint brushes or buy new ones. 

Each kit comes with thorough instructions detailing how to prep and apply the stencil, as well as how to paint the wood pallet board.  We know that you’ll love the convenience of having everything that you need to complete this project in one box right at your fingertips.